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“Writing with Light” and other poems by Gerry Stewart

Writing with Light Finnish Photography Notes Guided by imaginary intersections, fumbling our heavy DSLRs, we learned the rules for rhythm and repetition, aperture and cropping. My notebook sketched the tutor’s words in haste. They resurface beyond the lens. Organise your space. I carve out this new home without maps, using rough translations and neighbourly advice. […]

“Words Like Stars” and other poems by Roisin Ní Neachtain

Janus His Janus head looks both ways, Double-jointed at the neck. The honey juice of the persimmon Bursts from their mouths, Babbling tales in frothy tones. A river parts his muscles. The knot in his guts is split. Inimical flesh in the dour night, Unborn in blackness, You seek, four-eyed, for memories that the oil […]

Un incontro / An encounter and other poems by Viviana Fiorentino, translated by Maria McManus

Poet’s Note These poems that I submitted are a part of my experience as a volunteer in an immigrant detention centre in Northern Ireland. They were written in Italian and translated into English by the poet Maria McManus. The English language versions appear beneath the poems.                    […]

“Poem for the Female Unspoken” and “Daphne’s Riposte” by Emily Cullen

Poem for the Female Unspoken Perhaps you’ll excuse my lateness…I’m on my period. – MP Danielle Rowley to the House of Commons, July 2018 This poem goes out to generations who had to keep confidences about the curse, clots, bloodstains, cotton wool bulk between their legs, menstruating in harsh climates with minimal comforts. This poem […]

Vallum Poem of the Week: “Mosquée de Paris” by Shadab Zeest Hashsmi

Originally posted on Vallum: Contemporary Poetry:
? Mosquée de Paris Ablution water, opal on a worshipper’s slipper left by the doorstep: She will travel far and return before its sparkle has dropped. Gold and ink on parchment dyed blue speaks of duty to the window and the wayfarer. Light caught on pink marble swirls into…

‘a song to rest the tired dead’ and other poems by Raine Geoghegan, MA

Romanichals in the 1950’s (i) covels packed chavies scrubbed clean me rackley’s bal washed with panni the grai grizhomed holled (ii) opre and gel on dikk the next atchin tan a fellow chal pookers kushti bokt Romani words: Romanichals – English Romanies; Covels – belongings; Chavies – children; rackley’s – girls; Grai – horses; Grizhomed […]

‘Fire relies on the leaves of gum trees’ and other poems by Dominique Hecq

Hushed   Light pours down the unrelenting sky to earth ribbed and ridged with the tough stroke of Drysdale’s brush I track down words for hues and shades in books envy the skill of artist-explorers who forged new ways of seeing The cries of crows fall Through blues onto rusty ochres pulsing with raven dust […]

‘Cleaving a Puzzle-Tree’ and other poems by Doireann Ní Ghríofa

Cleaving a Puzzle-Tree   1.   I didn’t see my grandmother’s tree in Chile, araucaria araucana, though they grow tall there and are many. I must have walked under them every day, tripped over their seeds, but I didn’t think of her, oceans away, standing in a square of green, raking leaves around her monkey […]

Losing My Library – Making a Life – Letters Project

Originally posted on mariamcmanus:
Here is a letter we received for our project at Armagh Robinson Library #FillingTheVoid Often, in history, women wrote anonymously because their voices were silenced. It’s possible, our writer is a woman.  Here’s what ‘she’ says, LOSING MY LIBRARY – MAKING A LIFE When the doors of our libraries open again,…

Letters to The Healing Place of the Soul – Write to Us

Originally posted on mariamcmanus:
Public Art Participation Project – WRITE TO US NOW! We live in extraordinary times.  We will gladly receive your (emailed) letters to We will miss the immediacy of your handwriting and your envelopes, the physicality of the letter, but we will gain the immediacy of your lived experience of these times.…