“Homage To Kinsale” and other poems by Linda Ibbotson

In the Absence of Boundaries – The Third Movement A note from the other side of silence hangs in mid-air blue. Undefined, intangible, unchartered, neither lengthening nor shortening or pulled by gravity’s umbilical chord. I wonder if the wind will carry it in her wings, perhaps into another realm? Is it transcending, tentatively balanced on […]

“Eve Labouring for 37 Hours, the yes poem” C. Murray

Originally posted on Poethead:
ring— Eve labouring for 37 hours; the yes poem Great monumental Eve in pain, will bring forth a Cain Abel —Cannibal Exhausted stretch rather/ rather/ rather rather/ rather/ rather dilate/ than die/ yes. So just, sous justice. en vertu de la justice, pour,  ‘In sorrow you shall bring forth children’ Face…