“Curlew” and other poems by Rosalin Blue

Lonesome Occupation Up – up and away in my little studio under the sky drawn back alone – to write That loneliness is the room for concentration bears the space for inspiration strikes the key of motivation to create origination with insane illumination and a wild determination, the poetic flow in motion — oh that cosmic emanation […]

“Feather Quill” and other poems by Deirdre Gallagher

Teanga le Teanga Ní mise an leannán Iodáilise a bhreathnódh ort go paiseanta le súile donna doimhne na foraoise a chuirfeadh faoi gheasa cosúil le Naoise le sruth órga meala focal binn a thabharfadh ar chliatháin an aoibhnis thú ach ar deireadh a d’fhágfadh tú gan puinn scrupaill ar bhóthar an chroíbhrisidh. Ní mise an […]

“Awaken” and other poems by Sinead McGuigan

Awaken For what are dreams without eyes to look upon melancholic fields of truth? They plunder my feverish plight, sanctify my most chaste body strewn, break the silence of dagger tears as gentle breezes dance upon the blades. Awakened by soft mountain dew, transparent memories nourish parched lips. Darkened thoughts stretch to bloom, sun reflections […]

“You Will Remain an Example” by Tal Al-Mallouhi for Day of the Imprisoned Writer 15/11/2019

Originally posted on Poethead :
You will remain an example (To Gandhi)   I will walk with all walking people And no I will not stand still Just to watch the passers-by   This is my homeland   In which I have A palm tree A drop in a cloud And a grave to protect me…