‘Hinges’ and other poems by Jax NTP

hinges it is easy to obsess over small objects paperclips spoons and q-tips when self grooming generates silence — virginal trumps untamable — the renunciations of dullness do not lead to desire with upturned hands, razors, at rest it is easiest to use sadness as a utensil to push people away spiders construct traps from [...]

“Writing with Light” and other poems by Gerry Stewart

Writing with Light Finnish Photography Notes Guided by imaginary intersections, fumbling our heavy DSLRs, we learned the rules for rhythm and repetition, aperture and cropping. My notebook sketched the tutor’s words in haste. They resurface beyond the lens. Organise your space. I carve out this new home without maps, using rough translations and neighbourly advice. [...]

“Curlew” and other poems by Rosalin Blue

Lonesome Occupation Up – up and away in my little studio under the sky drawn back alone – to write That loneliness is the room for concentration bears the space for inspiration strikes the key of motivation to create origination with insane illumination and a wild determination, the poetic flow in motion — oh that cosmic emanation [...]

“Needlepoint” and other poems by Erin Vance

Hiraeth In the turpentine afternoon I wanted to beat my wings— hollow so hollow. And in the rectal evening 
I wanted to be a hummingbird. A hum m ing bird. In the frost-swept night I wished you a Lamb. Soft like cotton balls and languid with musk. Turn me into a violent fresco,
 Lamb, and [...]

“Fireflies” and other poems by Christine A. Brooks

“Fireflies” and other poems by Christine A. Brooks

house of beauty just three houses down from my pale green house a magnificent dark red house sat regally on a throne of both beauty & possibility on a street that never quite fit in with the rest of the city it was a dead end, in a time & place undefined by class middle, [...]