“Words Like Stars” and other poems by Roisin Ní Neachtain

Janus His Janus head looks both ways, Double-jointed at the neck. The honey juice of the persimmon Bursts from their mouths, Babbling tales in frothy tones. A river parts his muscles. The knot in his guts is split. Inimical flesh in the dour night, Unborn in blackness, You seek, four-eyed, for memories that the oil […]

Poems from ‘The Wren is Near’- ‘An Dreoilín in ár Measc’ by Ashley O’Neal

The Tale of the Vulnerable The line at the beginning Of the old tale comes from the lips Of the beggar king as he waits In the doorway of old myth, His crown beside him is all rusted and worn. The day breathes a sadness and A wonder that only children of old know. The […]

“The Women Who Loved Me & The Women Who Couldn’t” by Clodagh Mooney Duggan

R. There is a guilt attached to needing, You were trusting and deceived. Coins that were used to cover eyes, lie broken, And trampled upon. Uncovered scars lie dripping And untended to. Five men travel across the deserts for you. You breathe in life, And I took it. Children beside a fire see something in […]