My song is more than silhouette: ‘The Lares Series’ at Indelible Literary Journal

The below preamble and poems are excerpted from the Lares Series, composed between April 2020 and November 2020. The entire series can be read (and downloaded) Via Indelible Literary Journal. ‘Lares’ is dedicated in gratitude to Eavan Boland (1944-2020). The series derives from my current MSS in progress.

My most grateful thanks to Roula-Maria Dib and the board of Indelible for accepting the work.


Break the glass
that shields morning's flame.
Proceed from your room—


Soft, the softening rain

Sing to pierce the breast —
sing to pierce the breast,
      nighthooks brim to split.

Sing to pierce the night—
sing to pierce the night
-hooks brim to split.

Dawn’s contraction,
slow the opening—
orchid-white         a Yellow 

toned-song to loosen the gum 
that holds peony’s ample heart.



Pause –

I am night (dark)    afraid.
Begin now. Begun,        My 
mourning for what was–
(not) slaked by light’s coming.

The Lares of my house is
twice-lit: dawn’s advent,
night’s candle.

© Chris Murray 2021


Indelible Literary Journal, Issue IV, Escapism. 

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