“Blackberries” and other poems by Amanda Baker

Blackberries The heedless sun lowers its glass lid of shimmering air onto the sweltering yellow green train embankment, enclosing it in a golden dome of syrupy heat. It is time to pick blackberries. They stand there proudly, gleam red and black on their curved stems, and flourish on the last patch of unbuilt land. The [...]

Poems from ‘Massacre of the Birds’ by Mary O’Donnell

Poems from ‘Massacre of the Birds’ by Mary O’Donnell

Mary O'Donnell reads from Massacre of the Birds - 2 from Conor O'Hagan on Vimeo. Against the Vanishing Hollywood Lake, Co Monaghan 1.On the lakeshoreof conscience I stand.God help me. Certain that in Argentina,a woman also stands,nature-struck. My unknown companionwill recognise waterfowl,marvel at grebes, flamingos, as I too greet the ducksand moorhensof this drumlin lake. [...]

Gold Friend by Chris Murray: the title is often the last piece of the jigsaw (Irish Times)

This is an excerpt from a reflection on Gold Friend published online in the Irish Times (16/09/2020). Thanks very much to Martin Doyle who offered me the space to write about the book and about Poethead. ...The convergence of influence and imagery that is inherent in Gold Friend began at Drimnagh Castle and works from [...]

“Lost” and other poems by Olivia McGill

Anatomy of Love Your hands quiver along the dead roses of the embossed armchair, its towering sides, pillars to the underworld. You spend your days here, an old spectator of trawlers and rust, spilt oil and empty stomachs, pilothouse lights shine miniature homesteads on concrete. I was the first child to soften your world, your [...]

‘Two Wooden Bowls’ and other poems by Mila Kette

River My conscience is fluid. I am river. I flow between sandy shores, embrace swimmers and suicides alike, boats and birds, gazing eyes. The bellies of boats touch my surface, cut through my body. I kiss lost ribbons brought to me by seagulls; I hear their chatter, know their secrets. The wind sings me verses [...]