“Safer Distances” and other poems by Jennifer Horgan

If you were able you’d go upstairs with me. Dream your hips poised mum jug-like dipped towards the sun. In some afternoon’s shuttered light we’re choosing fabrics to be hung. Your style, your certainty, tugs the rope of a French church bell. You’re young again, words held on winding steps in France. In this dream [...]

“Shock Absorber” and other poems by Anne Donnellan

Snare I am tired of you being you tired of the slit-eye side scan tired of the frivolous flip of your bone, tired of your toy dog dead head bob. If I dare to step on your shadow you gobble my frame with vacant glare torch my aura with ethanol as I utter a word [...]

‘The Writing Desk’ and other poems by Sinéad McClure

‘The Writing Desk’ and other poems by Sinéad McClure

Subsidence I'm of the age now That's how my GP put it as he half muttered something about female hormones leaving my body I imagined them packing their bags happily, looking forward to exploring better terrain, cooler plains. They don't leave quietly there is a deep boom sounding in me loud enough to raise heckles [...]

Recent Additions to The Fired! Archive at RASCAL (QUB)

  The RASCAL database at Queen's University, Belfast, has hosted Fired! Irish Poets since early February 2019.  Fired! Irish Poets was established in the summer of 2017 to address issues of marginalisation and the neglect of Irish women poets in both the contemporary and historical poetry canon. Recent additions to the database include Eavan Boland [...]

‘After Rembrandt’s Women’ by Iseult Healy

  Delicious She was no Eve this apple of a woman whose red dress surrounded the flowing flesh of twin hillocks, hung over the ridge of her cheeks to flow down to stocking tops Hot and juicy, easy-peel woman They ate at their pleasure wiped her juice from their jaws munched to the skeletal core [...]