The Blue Hare (An Giorria Gorm) and other poems by Jackie Gorman

The Blue Hare Stepping off the path, a silver car rushes by. I never saw it coming, yet I felt the ground give way. I knelt down within myself. The hare that lives in my mind, snug in her thick coat and safe in her wide-open eyes, breaks free and runs across me. She purrs, [...]

A celebration of Irish Women Poets on Bloomsday 2019

A celebration of Irish Women Poets on Bloomsday 2019

"Yes" by Afric McGlinchey (after Molly Bloom in James Joyce’s Ulysses) …yes and then I touched my finger to his lips to stroke away the cider, and put it to mine and our tongues went plunging – such a lush sweetness – the grass so springy-soft on the cliff and the waves crashing below and [...]

“Beochaoineadh Máthar Maoise” and other poems by Ellen Nic Thomás

Beochaoineadh Máthar Maoise A dhílleachta linbh gan ainm, gan athair, Do chraiceann ar aondath le humha an nathair, A lúbann timpeall do thaobhán uiríseal, Mar bhata ceannródaí is sníomhanna sisil. Is trua liom ciseán do dhóchas a fhíochán, Do dhán a chaitheamh i bpoll an duibheagáin, D’eiseadh a chruthú ar bhunús baill séire, ‘Nois tá [...]

A Celebration of Irish Women Poets on Bloomsday 2017

"Canal Walk Home" by Gillian Hamill   What is it About the power of the water To heal hurts   Three lads sit on the boardwalk They hardly look like delicate sorts. And yet they gaze out Contemplate The rushing rippling mottles of the Undulating lake Can soothe souls.   Car lights are reflected in [...]

“Ceathrúintí Mháire Ní Ógáin” and “A fhir dar fhulaingeas” by Máire Mhac an tSaoi

Máire Mhac an tSaoi poetry Original Irish versions followed by English translations . Ceathrúintí Mháire Ní Ógáin I Ach a mbead gafa as an líon so – Is nár lige Dia gur fada san – B’fhéidir go bhfónfaidh cuimhneamh Ar a bhfuaireas de shuaimhneas id bhaclainn Nuair a bheidh arm o chumas guíochtaint, Comaoine is [...]