“From Sleeping to Waking” and other poems by Sofia Bury

“From Sleeping to Waking” and other poems by Sofia Bury

From Sleeping to Waking The white ewer stands,like a mountain’s snowy peakin a pink floral basin.Once used for washing, shaving,now, an object of beauty, Paintings hang on the white wallsA bright red abstract, thickly oiled.A gentle portrait of a young woman,brown hair cascading loosely.Stars dance on her arms,full moon. Hanging on the door,a midnight blue [...]

“Limerence” and other poems by Palmer Smith

limerence i loved a somnambulist we’re like a No(thing), a No(body) two no-bodies equal Somebody, right? (re)-read my words bottle of tequila, all the limes all the girls you have loved, shaken up in this cup i lovingly stirred you stumble on red oak floors ceiling, a map of london lon-don-ing you illicit, (i)llicit you, [...]

“Through The Trees I See” and other poems by Nancy Dunlop

Through The Trees I See Three baby deer play tag on our property, darting around and against each other, very cheerful, very invincible during this cool September morning, just as the light breaks through and day remains smudged and the grass is still wet. That moment right before the quivering world dies down, hardens, grows [...]

An Tine Bheo – The Burning Fire, and other poems by Áine Uí Fhoghlú

An Cailín i Siopa na mBláth Osclaíonn sí agus dúnann sí dallóga gach lá análann sí cumhracht criosantamam is gasanna féachann thart uirthi mar a seasann dhá rós déag dearg go dóchasach ina mbuicéad stáin bláthaíonn gach séasúr in éineacht ina gairdín scarann na tiúlaipí a mbeola is beireann scéalta ón ísiltír chúici néataíonn sí [...]