Ellen Chia

“Cloud Forest” and other poems by Ellen Chia

Cloud Forest On montane roofs, Veil-thin sojourners Serpentine through green Flightless birds — Myriad crowns perching One-legged, spreading Multi-tiered wings Plush with plumes now Dripping fresh With the gilded bath. In the plumage larders, The green birds set to Spin their sugary fares, While at it, Gazillions of their Tiny lungs Are humming the Three […]

“The Beaching” and other poems by Denise Blake

The Beaching   The pod of whales beached themselves on Rutland Island, chose the isolated sweep of the Back Strand to come ashore. My grandmother in her final years would have understood. Those long-finned pilot whales suffered some trauma, became distressed and confused. And so for her that winter when told her grownup daughter had […]