“The shame of our island” and other poems by Siobhán Campbell

The shame of our island is that we killed the wolf. Not just the last but the two before that. I knew a man who met a man who was the cousin removed of the great-grandson of the man who killed the third-last wolf on the island. Slit it he did, to see the steaming [...]

Simone Weil the quintessential outsider, women and mysticism

Simone Weil was an outsider, this she clearly stated in her personal letters and essays which are gathered in fragments or in small volumes, such as in Waiting for God. Those meagre fragments that have been published are not really readily accessible save on the curriculums of theological colleges (in modular forms) and presented in [...]

A Saturday Woman Poet , Prageeta Sharma.

On Rebellion, by Prageeta Sharma. (for Katy Lederer) "It was not a romantic sentiment , nor self-determined; rather , it was embarrassing. My love of spearheading, from introvert to extrovert, from cowardice to consequence, from the enjambment to the unspecified dunce. It was a sabotage, a reckless moment : a purulent, tawny decree. All temptation [...]

Anne Sexton, The Art of Poetry No. 15 (Paris Review)

I just saw this interview link which has been released today by The Paris Review to celebrate Ann Sexton's Birthday and I have added it to my Facebook page. I thought to add it through an excerpted paragraph and hyperlink onto the Poethead blog also. There is an existent link to Ann Sexton's Transformations also available [...]