“Echo Box” & other poems by Alison J Barton

Taboo statue You in stone with keynote plaques No motion No utterance Mute like a hall So vast and empty, I was the one filling it writing testimony I didn’t show you You changed me in threes and asked if it was okay You counterpoised I countervail Conveyed; the movement mine the idea that you [...]

“Hospital Sequence” by Isolde Ó’ Brolcháin Carmody

In Sligo Hospital I. On great hills overlooking townsthe infectious houses stand,heads held above miasma.Tumorous growths accruearound poor-house cores;industrial ergonomicsprocess births to deaths,utilising local geographyand gravity for convenient disposal.The entire institutionbased on an increasing gradient.Even sleeping peopleroll around on wheelsthrough esoteric departments -named and arrangedto confuse and exclude. My old houseis a box to keep [...]

“Limerence” and other poems by Palmer Smith

limerence i loved a somnambulist we’re like a No(thing), a No(body) two no-bodies equal Somebody, right? (re)-read my words bottle of tequila, all the limes all the girls you have loved, shaken up in this cup i lovingly stirred you stumble on red oak floors ceiling, a map of london lon-don-ing you illicit, (i)llicit you, [...]

“Moss” and other poems by Niamh Twomey

Homing Salmon Under the gush of shower water your greying skin flails. In your mind you wade back to the brook, the water icy even in summer, your seven siblings balancing on the pebbled belly of the River Fergus, suds in your hair, brothers dunking you under, ice forming in your brain, penetrating your veins, [...]

“I don’t belong here’ by Fizza Abbas

I don’t belong here I love chipped crayons, they tell me colours can come in different forms: pitch-black darkness can become the reincarnation of red, moonlight can subdue the proud ribbon-like body of the river, wise men need not have a white beard. I often whisper to the wavelength, ask her to, once, and for [...]