“Awaken” and other poems by Sinead McGuigan

Awaken For what are dreams without eyes to look upon melancholic fields of truth? They plunder my feverish plight, sanctify my most chaste body strewn, break the silence of dagger tears as gentle breezes dance upon the blades. Awakened by soft mountain dew, transparent memories nourish parched lips. Darkened thoughts stretch to bloom, sun reflections […]

“Cinderella Tráth” and other poems by Aoibhe Ní Loingsigh

Cinderella Tráth Chaill sí a bróg (agus a croí) I bpobal I gConnemara, Rud simplí ab ea é ag tarlú ó thús staire, Cad a tharla dár gcailín óg, dár ‘Cinderella,’ Phóg a buachaill álainn deas cailín éigean eile, D’Fhág sí cuid dá anam ag glanadh miasa go tapaidh, Tom-Bán ag míniú nuacht dóibh “Bhreatain, […]

“A Life Unanswered” and other poems by Susan Kelly

The Bittersweet Her passion was historical biscuit tins or so he’d tell visitors who marvelled at the growing stacks of embossed lids that glinting with landscapes, landmarks locations she hadn’t seen, he thought it best if the world came to her. He liked her to display these gifts he brought back from places he visited […]

Sequence: “Motherhood” and other poems by Laura Daly

The Leaking Breast Premature mother’s milk escapes my swollen breast Unapologetically heralding the other inside. ‘You’ll never be lonely again’ the inane distortion of the truth of never Occupying aloneness. Your body holds but a temporary occupier Once released your mind will be prostrate before them Forever. Simultaneous ecstasy and anguish. You will crave The […]