“In Rivers” and other poems by Alison McCrossan

Sunray Here you cast your dazzling eye through clouds ruptured on surging waters, where in winds on a mission across skies born of voids words were loaded: let me out; crowns of heaving leaves spilled trees, turned them upside down, a splay of tangled guts, and spat out the despair of the years in a [...]

‘The New Natalism’ and other poems by Claire Kieffer

The New Natalism Mother is in bits but only literally she doesn’t find it funny at all this new slug covered in shreds of skin his or her own, she doesn’t know. She doesn’t want to think about which of those are hers about the things she ripped out that took on a life of [...]

“Safer Distances” and other poems by Jennifer Horgan

If you were able you’d go upstairs with me. Dream your hips poised mum jug-like dipped towards the sun. In some afternoon’s shuttered light we’re choosing fabrics to be hung. Your style, your certainty, tugs the rope of a French church bell. You’re young again, words held on winding steps in France. In this dream [...]

“Trees Walking” and other poems by Joan Mazza

Blue Moon So bright tonight, woods glow, as if some rare magic is near, orchestra building to a swell, crescendo followed by abrupt silence, pierced by an animal’s anguished squeal, sound that sends my heart thumping though my dog doesn’t bark. Imagination with a dash of desperation for a happening, some quickening. Stultifying summer heat, [...]

“Lost” and other poems by Olivia McGill

Anatomy of Love Your hands quiver along the dead roses of the embossed armchair, its towering sides, pillars to the underworld. You spend your days here, an old spectator of trawlers and rust, spilt oil and empty stomachs, pilothouse lights shine miniature homesteads on concrete. I was the first child to soften your world, your [...]