Un incontro / An encounter and other poems by Viviana Fiorentino, translated by Maria McManus

Poet’s Note These poems that I submitted are a part of my experience as a volunteer in an immigrant detention centre in Northern Ireland. They were written in Italian and translated into English by the poet Maria McManus. The English language versions appear beneath the poems.                    […]

“Poem for the Female Unspoken” and “Daphne’s Riposte” by Emily Cullen

Poem for the Female Unspoken Perhaps you’ll excuse my lateness…I’m on my period. – MP Danielle Rowley to the House of Commons, July 2018 This poem goes out to generations who had to keep confidences about the curse, clots, bloodstains, cotton wool bulk between their legs, menstruating in harsh climates with minimal comforts. This poem […]

“Wormhole Kiss” and other poems by Patricia Walsh

Dead to Cliché An apocryphal stain, hanging around classes Gulping up refreshments in a bold eye Windows of opportunity shun entitlement A rainy reason cuts across the sky. Terror pervades the burning opportunity To declare oneself fit for purpose Relief after paperwork and a spell’s decorum Bureaucratic selves taunting the figure. Not to be disturbed, […]