“Gorse Fire” and other poems by Myra Vennard

“Gorse Fire” and other poems by Myra Vennard

Gorse Fire (The people is grass)                              (from the Scriptures) Above the ancient friary ruin —wind blown — downfrom the mountain  — smoke —(no shrouding mist)against a scorching sun. Flames of fireburst and run across the pathafter my tardy footprint. Was it [...]

“A Romance in Three Shards” and other poems by Darina Wade

Reticulum Time, the liar's almanackDanced on our prognosticationsThe solar year eclipsed by a cellFlares from a vernal coronaVisible to the naked I Seen from my camera obscuraMy infinite cellAn anchorite's hazelnutInexplicable and undifferentiatedLike water on the tongue I recast my reticle on smaller thingsHeliotrope, breath of a mouseAn orrery of bonesRecanting the psalmsSeasoned with new [...]

“Blackberries” and other poems by Amanda Baker

Blackberries The heedless sun lowers its glass lid of shimmering air onto the sweltering yellow green train embankment, enclosing it in a golden dome of syrupy heat. It is time to pick blackberries. They stand there proudly, gleam red and black on their curved stems, and flourish on the last patch of unbuilt land. The [...]

“Plaza Epicurean Interlude” and other poems by Margaret Kiernan

I am conflicted The stream calls your name while squirrels play with baby scots-pine cones as bubbling water flows over upturned stones covered in green, like envy I am jangled by loss Glints of light and shade while a kingfisher dips its wings ravens and crows hatch a plot to disagree over tainted morsels of [...]

“Echo Box” & other poems by Alison J Barton

Taboo statue You in stone with keynote plaques No motion No utterance Mute like a hall So vast and empty, I was the one filling it writing testimony I didn’t show you You changed me in threes and asked if it was okay You counterpoised I countervail Conveyed; the movement mine the idea that you [...]