“Writing with Light” and other poems by Gerry Stewart

Writing with Light Finnish Photography Notes Guided by imaginary intersections, fumbling our heavy DSLRs, we learned the rules for rhythm and repetition, aperture and cropping. My notebook sketched the tutor’s words in haste. They resurface beyond the lens. Organise your space. I carve out this new home without maps, using rough translations and neighbourly advice. [...]

“Needlepoint” and other poems by Erin Vance

Hiraeth In the turpentine afternoon I wanted to beat my wings— hollow so hollow. And in the rectal evening 
I wanted to be a hummingbird. A hum m ing bird. In the frost-swept night I wished you a Lamb. Soft like cotton balls and languid with musk. Turn me into a violent fresco,
 Lamb, and [...]

‘Glendalough Sonnet’ and other poems by Angela Patten

‘Glendalough Sonnet’ and other poems by Angela Patten

Glendalough Sonnet Rain and relatives, relatives and rain. In Glendalough’s monastic town a jackdaw baby thrusts his downy head out of a round tower putlock and raises an ungodly yellow beak to squawk at gawking tourists snapping cellphones, the spines of their umbrellas dripping on the ancient bullaun stones where monks once mixed their potions [...]

Three poems inspired by Ric Carfagna, Rus Khomutoff

Vintage ghosts of joy and sadness a saccharine statement the highest expression of the autopoetic force the incarnation and withdrawal of a God declaration of hither swarms accretion of the torrential becoming instances emancipated from all anxieties and frustrations in the anagogic phase made dizzy by the hybris a regular pulsating metre of recurrence   [...]