‘The Wild Pupil’ by Kathy D’Arcy


The Wild Pupil

I have spent my life
squeezing my fingers between
vibrating leaves of costal bone,
insistently scraping fascia
from muscle from nerve,
unhooking your sternum
from your throat,
prizing apart
the wedges of your spine
to reach that precious bag of blood,
to quell its chaotic pulse;
to jump back
as your thorax springs open
like an eye,
your heart
the wild pupil.

 ‘The Wild Pupil ‘ is © Kathy D’Arcy, from The Wild Pupil, published by Bradshaw Books.


The Wild Pupil

Kathy D’Arcy is a poet, workshop facilitator and youth worker based in Cork city. Originally trained as a doctor, she is currently writer in residence with Tigh Fili Cultural Centre. Her second collection, The Wild Pupil, was recently launched in Dublin by Jean O’ Brien and in Cork by Thomas McCarthy. She has just been awarded an Arts Council Artists’ Bursary to support the future development of her work.

      info at http://www.kathydarcy.com/