“From Sleeping to Waking” and other poems by Sofia Bury

“From Sleeping to Waking” and other poems by Sofia Bury

From Sleeping to Waking The white ewer stands,like a mountain’s snowy peakin a pink floral basin.Once used for washing, shaving,now, an object of beauty, Paintings hang on the white wallsA bright red abstract, thickly oiled.A gentle portrait of a young woman,brown hair cascading loosely.Stars dance on her arms,full moon. Hanging on the door,a midnight blue [...]

“Limerence” and other poems by Palmer Smith

limerence i loved a somnambulist we’re like a No(thing), a No(body) two no-bodies equal Somebody, right? (re)-read my words bottle of tequila, all the limes all the girls you have loved, shaken up in this cup i lovingly stirred you stumble on red oak floors ceiling, a map of london lon-don-ing you illicit, (i)llicit you, [...]

An Tine Bheo – The Burning Fire, and other poems by Áine Uí Fhoghlú

An Cailín i Siopa na mBláth Osclaíonn sí agus dúnann sí dallóga gach lá análann sí cumhracht criosantamam is gasanna féachann thart uirthi mar a seasann dhá rós déag dearg go dóchasach ina mbuicéad stáin bláthaíonn gach séasúr in éineacht ina gairdín scarann na tiúlaipí a mbeola is beireann scéalta ón ísiltír chúici néataíonn sí [...]

“I don’t belong here’ by Fizza Abbas

I don’t belong here I love chipped crayons, they tell me colours can come in different forms: pitch-black darkness can become the reincarnation of red, moonlight can subdue the proud ribbon-like body of the river, wise men need not have a white beard. I often whisper to the wavelength, ask her to, once, and for [...]

“Time” by Fidel Hogan Walsh and Julie Corcoran

2020, Memories Blinded in a winter’s dread no prophet foresaw. Spring’s new life erupted into a chaos of fear. Desolation replaced the warmth of a hug. Children banished from our everyday lives! Ahh, the blessings — a swift journey home to the unexpected happiness under one roof. Chatter, laughter — a family enduring dark days [...]