Poems from “Venus in Pink Marble” by Gaynor Kane

  Window weather The Icelanders have a word that means just that.A murky day that you know is betterenjoyed from the comfort of a window seat;soft mizzle cleansing leaves shiny and bright. When webs become crystal dreamcatchers,or perfect drops form on the telephone linesand slide slowly down like the oilon the wire of the indoor [...]

Poems from “Some Lives” by Leeanne Quinn

Poems from “Some Lives” by Leeanne Quinn

Cave of the Firbolg  (Nano Reid, oil on board) Not even a trespass of sky to compromise the dark  where blood beats in the body of the heart.  Nobody thinks, Why do we do this?  The nervous system ferries its thin shards of glass  down among the clay, where the blunt flint of the soul [...]

“In Rivers” and other poems by Alison McCrossan

Sunray Here you cast your dazzling eye through clouds ruptured on surging waters, where in winds on a mission across skies born of voids words were loaded: let me out; crowns of heaving leaves spilled trees, turned them upside down, a splay of tangled guts, and spat out the despair of the years in a [...]

“Safer Distances” and other poems by Jennifer Horgan

If you were able you’d go upstairs with me. Dream your hips poised mum jug-like dipped towards the sun. In some afternoon’s shuttered light we’re choosing fabrics to be hung. Your style, your certainty, tugs the rope of a French church bell. You’re young again, words held on winding steps in France. In this dream [...]

“Trees Walking” and other poems by Joan Mazza

Blue Moon So bright tonight, woods glow, as if some rare magic is near, orchestra building to a swell, crescendo followed by abrupt silence, pierced by an animal’s anguished squeal, sound that sends my heart thumping though my dog doesn’t bark. Imagination with a dash of desperation for a happening, some quickening. Stultifying summer heat, [...]