‘When You Are Old’ by Kevin Higgins

When You Are Old . after William Butler Yeats When you are old and bald and full of crap and sitting there in threadbare rags, reach across to your old bookcase for a dusty old copy of a girlie mag. Fondle it, then, a little sadly in your withered veiny hands. If you can manage [...]

“Dreamers” by Dorothy Wellesley

We are become like phantoms of the night Thro' the heart's pity and the heart's delight.   For we have wandered with the wasting streams Across the flower-stained solitude of dreams, The blossom-scattered waterways of dreams.   For we have crossed the lotus-covered lake, Where only the sunk places do shake Beneath the waters, and [...]

‘ Rare and Interesting Books’ in Westport , Co Mayo.

EDIT : 13/12/2010 : John Hurst died last night . Rest in Peace. As always a visit to John Hurst's Interesting books shop is a delight, a real treasure-trove, indeed, I have spoken of the shop before now. I thought to add a picture of the frontage (with the suit of armour) and though it cannot be seen [...]