Poems from ‘We’ll Sing Blackbird’ by Rebecca O’Connor

Poems from ‘We’ll Sing Blackbird’ by Rebecca O’Connor

Domestic Bliss I place a jug of lavender on the table to mask the smell of mould from under the fridge   while you draw nails to hammer with your fist. Then I draw a hammer, and watch   as you try to lift it from the page. by day it's Mr Men, Mad Men, [...]

2011 poetry news, and online information for poets.

Given that the Irish Times Books of the Year did not make mention of poetry books for 2011, I thought to add some links to Irish poetry  presses and imprints for those readers of poetry who are not catered for in the list-system. I have to say that I do not think of such ephemera [...]

A link to a VIDA conversation with poet Jane Hirshfield.

"I discovered sexism’s glass walls—which do exist still, to a shocking degree—later rather than earlier. A great blessing, that belatedness. As a young person, I felt the world’s heritage of art and literature was mine to forage." (Jane Hirshfield) This week's blog post contains just two small links because family duties had called me away from  my [...]

Link to my article on licensing poetry and original work at Writing.ie .

A short time ago I wrote an introductory to the Poetry Foundation discussion on best practices in Fair Use of Poetry, which should serve as a guideline on the creation, licensing and transmission of original materials." Fair use, a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative [...]