A very public room of one’s own, online writing

"These performative dimensions of public speech always carry tones, gestures, forms of acting out, contradictions, and self-corrections that contribute to new actions and capacities in others. The quote you have singled out to me suggests that poetry can show engaged citizens how to listen to, or respond to, public issues or actions." The above statement [...]

Colette and women

" I give my indulgence  - and-  I am not the only one - and approval to those who wear the colours of their survival, the signs of their activity into the arena. Too much courage has shone among the female kind, and for too many years, for women, under the pretext of loyalty, to  break the contract [...]

On transcriptions, from Women Writers, Women Books.

"This short post is related to what I do on the Poethead blog and I suppose to the area of women’s writing that has been a concern for a few years now. Many of the poems that are a part of Poethead have found their way into my possession as gifts, or from the libraries and collections of people who bought [...]