‘The Whetter of the Knife’ and other poems by Judith Mok

Beethoven in New York Fur Elise This night is on me like a blank sheet I have to write Of people playing my music that Fills the subway with my submerged sounds As if I am a whale vibrating through the thick of times Communicating that my name is: Beethoven A man of music in [...]

‘Indoors’ by Vona Groarke

Indoors by Vona Groarke. It breaks apart as water will not do when I pull ,  hard, away from me, the corners bunched in my two hands to steer a true and regulated course. I plunge the needle through and through, dipping, tacking, coming up again. The ripple of thread that follows pins, out of [...]

‘Dawning on the square’ by C. Murray

  Dawning on the Square   burnt ochre to umber liquefies the dark indigo and charcoal quicken, they bleed a capillary of sorts — the colours ground, establish a sky my opaques, ochre from the dirt the blues, a stone.   © Dawning on the Square by C Murray is licensed under a Creative Commons [...]

‘Regeneration’ by Eithne Strong

Regeneration   Let me out. I'm rising out of death's skull. Aha, old devil's dower I have victoried. I leave you in the morning: it deals with every death and spring defeats the catafalque. You see I must believe in resurrection. This is it. Now. I was dead and am alive. Hello eternity. I can [...]

Anne Brontë

Its Monday and it's cold in Dublin, am so glad I got a new all-weather but mostly Mountain-climbing Jacket on the Mayo Sojourn (Post-flu and dental recovery). Since I am unpacked and having done the school run where the little one was welcomed back with much happiness, I thought to publish some Bronte (Brunty) poems [...]