‘Leda Revised’ and other poems by Celeste Augé

Ode More happy love! more happy, happy love! Forever warm and still to be enjoy’d...’ —JOHN KEATS, Ode on a Grecian Urn   You lie across my thighs as I write, my bone-warming hot water bottle, pure latex, guaranteed to delight the most discriminating women, mottle their thighs as they lie deep in their beds, [...]

“The Bird with the Engine Heart” by Elisaveta Bagryana

1. He who's never known tempting distance, the momentum of moving, the wonder of danger, the tipsiness of space and the weariness of wandering -   He'll never know the meaning of either life, or death, nor will he ever grasp good, or evil. Nor will he ever try the communion of the trial, the [...]

Máthair Chréafóige, by Helen Soraghan Dwyer.

Earth Mother for Firoana.   The plains of Romania Under thirty degrees of heat Stretch to the poplar trees At the edge of the earth.   A weathered peasant lady Offers me water, Her toothless smile Mothers me As I rest in the shade.   She is a daughter of this soil, Of sun and [...]

A Saturday Woman Poet: Emily Dickinson

Chosen by Anna I.   Banish Air from Air - Divide light if you dare - They'll meet While Cubes in a drop Or Pellets of Shape Fit Films cannot annul Odors return whole Force Flame And with a blonde push Over your impotence Flits Stream. "   II.   An awful Tempest mashed the [...]

A Saturday Woman Poet , Sarojini Naidu.

This week's Saturday Woman Poet is Sarojini Naidu. I have been reading quite recently Indian Poets from both the pre and post-independence period in India . The shatter of language that occurred and that is collated neatly in a variety of collections does not contain the simplicity of Naidu's engagement with her poetics and with her cultural history. I do not believe [...]