‘Cicada’ by Glenda Cimino.

Cicada For David Carson How beautiful the cicadas’ song How holy the insect voices Rise to heaven. How homely and comforting The steady trill of their choir In the dark night. Yet some say each cicada Is the restless, reborn soul Of a dead Poet - A spendthrift who did not respect The gift of [...]

‘My Heart and I’ By EBB (for Aoife)

RIP Aoife O Brien ( June 23rd 1970-May 1st 2010) I. "Enough! we're tired my heart and I. We sit beside the headstone thus, And wish that the name were carved for us. The moss reprints more tenderly The hard types of the Mason's knife, As heaven's sweet life renews earth's life, with which we [...]

“Faoi Chabáistí is Ríonacha” le Celia de Fréine

I try and obtain poetry books at book festivals, mostly because a lot of shops would tend to shove them to the back of the shelves and bustle the brightly coloured airport novels and chicklit to the front! Last weeks Dublin Book festival was no exception to the rule, good books all over the place .I bought [...]

PEN International Women Writers; new blog at the Portugal PEN Centre.

The new chair of the Portuguese International PEN Women Writer's Committee , Teresa Salema, has announced a new blog set-up Via Blogger for members of PEN to contribute, follow and join in the conversation. I sent  this morning my congrats. Following this short introductory, I have added in the links to both Terra Incognita and the  PIWWC  main page. [...]

Lorca, Le Brocquy and Madden.

I thought to do something on the failed attempt to find the grave of Federico Garcia Lorca this morning; but I find that do not have my wee paper copy of Gypsy Ballads to hand. I  believe that there are other images related to both Madden, Lorca and Le Brocquy on PH anyway, I used Le B's scathing criticism [...]