Patterns of Sensation – the bodies of dolls by Salma Caller

Patterns of Sensation – the bodies of dolls by Salma Caller

Silk Velvet Purse Doll Tiny invisible stitches hold rivets that hold rivulets Of silk ending in the darkness Where dreaming continues The sleeping and dreaming of her invisible body Silk Velvet Purse Doll A mille-feuille A body of a thousand layers A thousand gauze tissues A thousand substances Concealing a darkened chamber Entombing A heavy [...]

Torture of Women, by Nancy Spero, reviewed at Guernica Magazine.

. . Torture of Women , Nancy Spero. Publ 2010, Siglio Press. The latest edition of Guernica Magazine includes a review of the Spring 2010 publication  of Torture of Women  by Nancy Spero. I am linking this review at the bottom of this small piece, along with a link to the publication notes. There is a Nancy Spero [...]

‘The Hare Arch’ by Eilis Ní Dhuibhne.

Some girls have hairs on their heads, Artful girls have hares in their hearts Cailín óg álainn is ea mé anois Ach ní fhada na blianta ag sleamhú thart Agus ansin beidh buanna eile uaim Seachas an fholt ógra, an béilín binn. Is ansin a thiocaidh mo ghiorra i gcabhair orm an lá úd a [...]