The Cézannization of what wasn’t left, an excerpt from ‘Machinations’

untitled image , oil on canvas by © Michael McAloran 2003 histology slice 3 [ a tissue cloth so delicately coloured in mauves and purples indigo and ivory cells become tissue whereas this isn’t at all the case all is one in febrile disequilibrium not excluding momentary states of euphoria and relative equilibrium the macabre beauty […]

My submission to the Copyright Review Committee 2012.

‘The Arts and the Public Domain; Arts Practice as Culturally Necessary.’   The Arts and the Public Domain.  Ireland requires not alone a statutory organisation, such as a copyright council, it requires also a non-governmental centre for social-media where artists and developers can discuss and decide manifestos which will protect their original works and others’ rights to […]

Affixing the Imprimatur, queer art and blasphemy in Cork.

Wherein the definition of art and who gets the imprimatur?   I find myself at a loss regarding how the problem of blasphemy is being discussed in Cork. There has been no art-historical analysis of queer art, there has been little media reference to the issue of the 2006-2009 Defamation Bill, and discussion on one political site […]