And Other Poems

This is a brief note about the And Other Poems blog which is owned and written by Josephine Corcoran. What a breath of fresh air the blog is, judging by contemporary availability of good poetry (and critique). To say that poetry is sorely neglected in the face of market-forces is a wild understatement, but more polemic anon. "And [...]

Poet-Bloggers, a new category introduction for Poethead.

This post is about poet-bloggers, the vehicles they use, and how online journals are using web and social-media to increase the profile of poetics. The area is huge, as I found out when I began compiling this Google+ list.  There are multiple groups and individuals connecting across Twitter, and Facebook also. The emphasis here will be on the individual writer, [...]

A Note on Hannah Weiner’s ‘Book of Revelations’ at Jacket2 Magazine

This post is related to yesterday's introduction to Jacket 2, which is linked here.  Jacket2  and writers like Afilreis  use social-media and  Twitter to disseminate serious poetics. I started to write about Hannah Weiner as an addendum to a wider article on Jacket 2 last week, but thought that I would do some more reading before concentrating on her work alone. I really (really) like the [...]

Paulo Coelho’s books are now allegedly banned in Iran, January 2011

This post quite simply comprises an external link to the Coelho blog and indeed his Twitter Account. Today, Mr Coelho released the contents of an email onto his blog and linked it by URL to Twitter, so its mostly  common-knowledge and I will not comment here, save to say that the tag under which this [...]