‘modern art’ and other poems by Anamaría Crowe Serrano

the stress clinic it’s ok no one need know only negligible impending threat i’m going to leave you let healing happen i’m turning left into the coffee shop it’s easy like this one step one more comforting to sit even on seats slashed by spooks i can wait learn patience is learnt on the edge [...]

Ingeborg Bachmann’s Poetry in translation by Mary O’Donnell 2.

VERILY    For Anna Akhmatova   He who has never been rendered speechless, I’m telling you, whoever merely feathers his own nest and with words -   is beyond help. Not by the shortcut nor by way of the long.   To make a single sentence tenable, to withstand the ding-dong of language.   Nobody [...]

‘Geasa’ le Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill.

  Má chuirim aon lámh ar an dtearmann beannaithe, má thógaim droichead thar an abhainn, gach a mbíonn tógtha isló ages na ceardaithe bíonn sé leagtha ar maidin romham.   Tagann  aníos an abhainn istoíche bád is bean ina seasamh  inti. Tá coinneal ar lasadh ina súil is ina lámha. Tá dhá mhaide rámha  aici. [...]

“Rendevous” by Elisaveta Bagyrana.

I discovered your footprints in the sand and to get there sooner I ran legs sinking at the knees, and fell from exhaustion, and when I climbed the hill - in astonishment I was calling, as if I'd seen you for the first time on that unforgettable evening.   You filled the entire horizon, for [...]