Ilya Kaminsky on Paul Celan, Poetry Magazine

Of strangeness that Wakes us by Ilya Kaminsky Published Poetry Magazine, January 2013.  A Publication of the Poetry Foundation Todesfuge, by Paul Celan is a poem that I have mentioned here on Poethead in a variety of guises since I first read the poet Paul Celan in Fathomsuns’ and ‘Benighted’ (Carcanet, Trans. by Ian fairley) Later, I [...]

“The Bird with the Engine Heart” by Elisaveta Bagryana

1. He who's never known tempting distance, the momentum of moving, the wonder of danger, the tipsiness of space and the weariness of wandering -   He'll never know the meaning of either life, or death, nor will he ever grasp good, or evil. Nor will he ever try the communion of the trial, the [...]

‘An Mhurúch san Ospidéal’ by Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill

  An Mhurúch san Ospidéal Dhúisigh sí agus ní raibh a heireaball éisc ann níos mó ach istigh sa leaba léi bhí an dá rud fada fuar seo. Ba dhóigh leat gur gaid mhara iad nó slaimicí feola. ‘Mar mhagadh atá siad ní foláir, Oíche na Coda Móire. Tá leath na foirne as a meabhair [...]

A poet-companion; Tess Gallagher translates Liliana Ursu.

There are two posts on this blog which link to short poems by Lilian Ursu.  The poems are from the Poetry Book Society Recommended Translation of The Sky Behind the Forest, by Liliana Ursu. The volume had two translators, Adam J Sorkin and Tess Gallagher. Interestingly, the volume does not initial the translators work beneath the text , so  it [...]

Two Poems by Colette Ní Ghallchóir.

The Spark of Joy / Dealan an Aoibhnis When I lit the sparkler long ago on the hearth, I ran the house with it screaming with delight. They scolded me, but grandfather said, 'Let her be, let her be, there is no use talking. She will always light any flame she wishes.' by Colette Ní [...]