Miriam Calleja

“Pomegranate heart” and other poems by Miriam Calleja

Four million years of eyes Heady honeysuckle sweat Skin ripe fruit Lips floating Scents Four millions years Of eyes (first published in Pomegranate Heart by Edebooks) Pomegranate heart She counts the seeds Of my pomegranate heart The same, always the same No matter how many times she counts. Her fingers are stained And though she […]

microliths 240-241 by Paul Celan

Excerpts from microliths by Paul Celan translated by Pierre Joris ____________ [These are Celan’s first notes toward the conference project “On the Darkness of Poetry” which remained unfinished.] Pjoris 240 240.1 || Mysticism as wordlessness Poetry as form 241.2 The poem is inscribed as the figure of the whole language, but language remains invisible; what is […]

How to Hide Unhappiness / Cum Ascundem Nefericirea by Ștefan Manasia translated by Clara Burghelea

The Miracle The red leaves struggle in the glass- angels whose name I don’t know I press them among the pages of the dead poet’s book, whose name I promise to unlearn. A little water (glittering like vodka) and their torture seems attractive to me. From the bus, I showed Estera the red tree like […]