‘Knitting a Father from Nettles’ and other poems by Annette Skade

Medici Girl   Beauty adorns virtue, my Father says. To save the family, and me, from the shame of my disfigurement, he orders a corridor to stretch from here to Santa Annunziata. I beg forgiveness from the Holy Mother at a hidden chink beside the altar. Her perfect face is turned from me, I am […]

Notes on the half-hidden: “Thimblerig” by Annette Skade

Thimblerig by Annette Skade Bradshaw Books 2013 63 pages Notes on the half-hidden Annette Skade’s debut collection Thimblerig was published by Bradshaw Books in 2013. Thimblerig is a collection of some 53 poems on themes of family, familial history, and on the poetic striving for voice. Skade’s sub-thematic flow, her buried themes, are brought out […]