“A Gradual Eden” and other poems by Audrey Molloy

A Gradual Eden After the lava had cooled, hardened like a carapace over the fresh-earth graves of our marriages, nothing happened for a while. Sure, you and I still talked all night, once dared to walk arm-in-arm like a real couple to the Vietnamese restaurant with the string-bead curtain and napkins folded into swans. I […]

Anniversary of Ireland’s blasphemy criminalisation, Incentivisation.

The 2006-2009 Defamation Bill : The first anniversary of the Blasphemy Criminalisation in Ireland occurs January 1st 2011. The 2006-2009 Defamation Bill in Ireland is rather unique, it was railroaded through the Dáil in summer of 2009 through a system called the guillotine vote, together with a  majority vote by the two Government parties, Fianna […]