“Voices from Auschwitz” by Fiona Pitt-Kethley

“Voices from Auschwitz” by Fiona Pitt-Kethley

Voices from Auschwitz I Suitcases “Brown leather, nothing but the best,” he said, his family lived well. This sturdy case had been to Biarritz and back again. Its partner travelled with his son and wife, to Switzerland, stuffed full of jewels and clothes. They made it, just. My master stayed too long. That extra day [...]

‘There are less Wikipedia articles on women poets than pornographic actresses’ James Gleick

"There are less Wikipedia articles on women poets than pornographic actresses.” The above quotation is derived from Wikipedia's Women Problem written by James Gleick at the New York Review of Books made during this last week. It interests me as it is embedded in article about the sub-categorisation of American women novelists, an ongoing row [...]

Elizabeth Kate Switaj, a response to Peter Stothard TLS

Vida, Women in Literary Arts published a list in 2010 which showed that there is , indeed, a gender-imbalance in literary publication. The figures for 2010 have borne out the VIDA Count. The Guardian Newspaper published those VIDA figures in the  following linked article, Research shows male writers still dominate books world (Friday 4 February 2011) , [...]