“The Unfinished Poem” and other poems by Caroline Johnstone

The Unfinished Poem The house his mind once called its home Has gaping roofs, and paint-cracked eaves, Of forget-me-not blues The frosted brittle skeletons of history and wit served now As a porridge of forgetfulness, faint echoes haunt Sweet gentle kisses of remembrance Dementia’s wraiths roam shadowed emptied rooms, Herald long laments for lonely roads […]

‘No-one is watching’ and other poems by Nicola Geddes

No-one is watching Unharness your two beasts Ambition and Anxiety from your chariot Unharness yourself from all electronic devices You will not be followed Did you look, did you see the tree tops career above you in an ecstasy of elements, smell the damp brown leaves under your feet? Did you witness yourself in the […]

“Finding Symmetry” and other poems by Jo Burns

Conchita reads Pablo’s letter to God (while he is painting)   Your committee for time-keeping has ruled diphtheria a highly unpunctilious event. By consensus you can’t seem to remember this being planned into any agendas.   You call me precocious but Pablo, honestly it’s you that Mama has always adored, Papa ignores me, I can’t […]