‘St. Brendan’s Floating Isle’ & other poems by Stephanie Conn

‘St. Brendan’s Floating Isle’ & other poems by Stephanie Conn

Biding Time   She sits by the split cottage door knitting a navy sweater on five thin needles – seamless, to resist salt water, biting winds, the neck tight enough to make ears bleed, no swell wild enough to strip it from skin. She knows the pattern by heart, each bobble stitch is a prayer, [...]

‘Lepus’ by Stephanie Conn

Lepus   Their collective noun is ‘drove’ though they mostly live alone, content with a solitary life,   or become one of a pair growing brave in the spring; chests puffed out, as if   fluid has filled the cavities and dropsy has caused a long-forgotten frenzy, that gives rise   to a meadow dash [...]

“Delta” and other poems by Stephanie Conn

Wie is de vrouw on de overkant?   Who is the woman on the other side? It was the only phrase that stuck in months of pre-trip conversation class.   As I struggled with the syntax, it became clear you were a natural, spending hours in the lab perfecting your grasp.   You couldn’t wait [...]