Knowing the shape of your cell; women mystic writers

Dedicated to the Irish Magdalene Women, whose government chose to ignore their plight at the UN Committee  on  Torture  23/05/2011. “Some of the issues that are raised and looked at in the Ryan report and that have been raised in relation to the Magdalene laundries relate to a very distant, far-off time,” said Mr Aylward in his [...]

Simone Weil the quintessential outsider, women and mysticism

Simone Weil was an outsider, this she clearly stated in her personal letters and essays which are gathered in fragments or in small volumes, such as in Waiting for God. Those meagre fragments that have been published are not really readily accessible save on the curriculums of theological colleges (in modular forms) and presented in [...]

David Orr is entitled to question the relevance of modern poetry.

For me, 'Relevance' is a dirty word, it kills the creative impulse and grounds poetry is mechanism. I thought to add a link to the ongoing discussion about relevancy in modern poetry centred in a critique (Huff Post) of Beautiful and Pointless, a Guide to Modern Poetry. Dadaists and Surrealists would rightly cut up and rearrange [...]

A Saturday Woman Poet, Women Writers On Poethead in 2010.

A Saturday Woman Poet 2010 , some Women Writers from the Poethead blog . The Saturday Woman Poet  category of Poethead is related to  other categories and themes within this site called , 25 Pins in a Packet , Women Creators,  A Saturday Woman Poet and Saturday Women Poets. I will be adding those links and archives at [...]

Le Personne et le Sacré, by Simone Weil

Whilst awaiting this morning for a sheaf of three poems from my Saturday Woman Writer, I thought to add in an excerpt from the Notebooks of Simone Weil, whose Necessity is the most sought after poem on the Poethead blog. I will include at the end of the excerpt a link to Necessity in stand alone format (without [...]