“A Life Unanswered” and other poems by Susan Kelly

The Bittersweet Her passion was historical biscuit tins or so he’d tell visitors who marvelled at the growing stacks of embossed lids that glinting with landscapes, landmarks locations she hadn’t seen, he thought it best if the world came to her. He liked her to display these gifts he brought back from places he visited [...]

“Tea with Akhmatova’s Cat” and other poems by John Sexton

Tea with Akhmatova’s Cat   I’m having tea with Akhmatova’s cat who purrs in English passable enough that half-wit mice can follow what she’s at.   She speaks in metres forcible but flat: a mix of Milton, Keats, hairballs and fluff. I’m having tea with Akhmatova’s cat.   Quite bored, I count the fibres on [...]

2011 poetry news, and online information for poets.

Given that the Irish Times Books of the Year did not make mention of poetry books for 2011, I thought to add some links to Irish poetry  presses and imprints for those readers of poetry who are not catered for in the list-system. I have to say that I do not think of such ephemera [...]