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‘Sea Scarf’ and other poems by Victoria Mosley

Shiny shine   Milk on the turn midnight history muffles owl’s cry: narcissus pulsing through dull earth to release birthday colour.   I’ve become muted: afraid of the shine shine glitter hidden here as time brushes messages on parched skin.   Pacing corridor always waiting for sun – skim star-burn impatient of humdrum yearning magnificence.   Milk on the turn garden hovers to unfurl blossom of spring: new joy pulsates at the click click clunk of the white sea gate.   Sea scarf   Sea a black scarf wrapped around the harbour it’s cold tonight, so cold the wind is taut & moon hangs silent huge immobile willing.   Sea sends whispers of how it should be sailors ghosts ride high their songs mixed with mermaids breath the slink of seal at rest.   Sea calls to me I’m immune caught up beach sweeps a canvas of wind ,water ,longing connection to every other, footsteps follow I turn   sea is a black scarf enfolding me.   Mute route   Deaf with night’s hollow whispers …

‘To Revive the Wind’; on René Crevel’s ‘Babylon’.

“Summer. The grandfather and the mother had to remain in Paris because of their work. The grandmother settled in with her grand-daughter on the family property in the Seine-et-Oise. Queen of a box-bordered garden, the old lady drenched her roses with a syringe, as if those persnickety creatures had need of a clyster to preserve the pretty colour, the natural delicacy of flowers. The hour of the daily apotheosis rung, and the intricate task once performed (which for nothing on earth would she abandon to the uncouth indifference to mercenary hands), the grandmother ascended in great dignity the steps of the belvedere from where each car she perceived gave her a pretext for regretting the magestic and dustless era of victorias and princess gowns “. from To Revive the Wind, Babylon , by René Crevel, Trans Kay Boyle Quartet Encounters, 1985. Illustrations by Max Ernst. Babylon, Art and Image .