‘Bees and The Authorities’ by Dave Lordan

Solinus, on the authority of Camden, incontrovertibly declares that there are no bees in Ireland. Keating impugns both Camden and Solinus stating Such is the quantity of bees, that they are found not only in hives, but even in the trunks of trees, and in holes in the ground.   Modomnoc the beekeeper, who was [...]

‘Fragments from Noticing’ and ‘Edge/Untitled’ by Gillian Prew

Fragments from Noticing    i   The wick, uprooted/ left of light – ice-shawl thawing to the leaf-ends dissolves to the rain/ the rain’s bloom.   ii   Wet-edge/wet-air lifts the birds dampening to the rim of cloud quietly.   iii   Not-evening/ a dimming seam behind the treeline/rising a black whir of crows.   [...]

‘leave this death alone’ by Candi V. Auchterlonie

purple blue thistle   ghosts/ghosting mouths they're pulling purple blue thistle/our heads prickle their grey thumbs. the un-holdable bouquet/clamped with their veil of see through teeth blood is not blood it is a shadow veining the natural light that our eyes fail to adjust to and our glossy mouths fail to lipsynch the weeded purply [...]