A Celebration of Women’s Poetry for International Women’s Day 2015

Role reversal by Nessa O'Mahony   after Eavan Boland   There will come a time, mother, when the transformed spring opens up and the charioteer holds out a hand; he might have my father’s face, might not; his gestures might be gentle or rough as he eases you into a space made ready and shows [...]

Ingeborg Bachmann’s Poetry in translation by Mary O’Donnell 2.

VERILY    For Anna Akhmatova   He who has never been rendered speechless, I’m telling you, whoever merely feathers his own nest and with words -   is beyond help. Not by the shortcut nor by way of the long.   To make a single sentence tenable, to withstand the ding-dong of language.   Nobody [...]

Vinca Haiku by Virginie Colline

Vinca Haiku she grazes her scar old blood the color of rust on her maiden lace charcoal and red smudge nothing can make up the pain the dark trudge quickens tiny wallflower you cannot hold a candle you, periwinkle   The Spanish Girl Haiku she follows the clouds the breath of the summer wind gently [...]

Poems by Michèle Vassal

Drunk as Brendan Behan Lovers    lovers their empty skins hang limp in opiate closets pulsing between insinuations of naphthalene and the barbitural scent of forgetting, they swing embittered and toxic, mothy costumes of a play that lingers only on faded posters and skin. On the wrong side of midnight drunk as Brendan Behan I scooped [...]

“The Bird with the Engine Heart” by Elisaveta Bagryana

1. He who's never known tempting distance, the momentum of moving, the wonder of danger, the tipsiness of space and the weariness of wandering -   He'll never know the meaning of either life, or death, nor will he ever grasp good, or evil. Nor will he ever try the communion of the trial, the [...]