“Dreams of a Happy Ending” by Farideh Hassanzadeh

Dreams of a Happy Ending I throw my nightmare into your arms with all my shaking and sweat, but you stick your hand into my heart to pluck my boobs. I throw my fear of losing words into a book, but you throw your shirt on the clouded pages to let me know “It is [...]

Recours au Poème: Poésies & Mondes Poétiques

My thanks to Matthieu Baumier, editor at Recours au Poème, and to Elizabeth Brunazzi, who published and translated four poems from my collection, Cycles (Lapwing Publications, 2013).   I am adding here Elizabeth's translation of i and the village (after Marc Chagall) moi et le Village   (d’après Marc Chagall)   Version française, Elizabeth Brunazzi [...]

‘The Bond’ by Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill

  If I use my forbidden hand To raise a bridge across the river, All the work of the builders Has been blown up by sunrise.   A boat comes up the river by night With a woman standing in it, Twin candles lit in her eyes And  two oars in her hands.   She [...]