A Note on Hannah Weiner’s ‘Book of Revelations’ at Jacket2 Magazine

This post is related to yesterday's introduction to Jacket 2, which is linked here.  Jacket2  and writers like Afilreis  use social-media and  Twitter to disseminate serious poetics. I started to write about Hannah Weiner as an addendum to a wider article on Jacket 2 last week, but thought that I would do some more reading before concentrating on her work alone. I really (really) like the [...]

Ágnes Nagy’s Poetic Prose translated by Hugh Maxton.

From 'Leaf-Stalks' "Yet I would not dismiss the nonentities. The things that nearly are not. Journey of woodbine, ampelopsis on the ancient walls (of garden and its house), clutch of tendrils and trailing plants, the shuffling of their minute paws, with pads of suction for terminals of their thread-like minute fingers, and claws, green zig-zag path of lizards [...]