Orphans from Poetry Ireland’s Forum

Some years ago poets and emergent writers used a forum on Poetry Ireland for discussion, testing poetry, and commenting on the work of others. The idea was good, although the tech wasn't so hot. After some discussion with the then Admin it was decided to have a place (not online) where poems could be published [...]

Previews of The Blind published in Ditch Poetry

The following poem is an excerpt from a sequence published by Ditch Poetry. The sequence is from my forthcoming collection, The Blind (Oneiros Books 2013). Part of the Sequence is published here. The first poem in the sequence, hunger, appears throughout the collection and was first published in A New Ulster Magazine. suspend I   from [...]

Bone Orchard Poetry, a blogzine for working poets and writers

Bone Orchard Poetry is variously active on discussion sites and uses social-media well. This is what writers refer to as bloody good innovative web-use. Editor Michael McAloran keeps the blogzine brief in description, ' An explorative blogzine of the Bleak/ the Surreal/ the Dark/ Absurd and the Experimental. ' There you have it encapsulated in a single [...]

And Other Poems

This is a brief note about the And Other Poems blog which is owned and written by Josephine Corcoran. What a breath of fresh air the blog is, judging by contemporary availability of good poetry (and critique). To say that poetry is sorely neglected in the face of market-forces is a wild understatement, but more polemic anon. "And [...]

“Chaplet” by C. Murray

“Chaplet” by C. Murray

Chaplet I. A conversation among trees I cannot hear what they are saying, that young girl and the tree, their whispers are intimate, ceaseless. I am sunk into a conifer hedge, tamped into a wall, threaded into the blue ivy. This is a warm chaplet against the rain, I would lie here if it wasn't for the [...]