“Sequence in Green” and other poems by Gillian Prew

Sequence in Green (i) breaths Like in lights/breaths the woodwind song meets the trees. A green growth/ a rush of roots/ birds. Summer-swell/the flowered edges of day breaking. (ii) buds Hills of green shadow and butter-gorse. The dead made of dry stalks with all their buds inside them. (iii) bones Green lifts and stitches-in Perfumes/ [...]

the subtle flavouring of fish // C. Murray

teserrae of names dull mustard fiery gold flames organics of mushroom tea   gaudy/ Gaudi/ lace/ paste St Audrey/ rust/ blood/ lace yes, tawdry lace              -I can use that   round and round the mulberry bush oranges/ bees/ fish/ old chain letter/ old poems stuck together/ spermed-together/ cum-came/ come [...]

‘L’Heure Bleu’ poems by Aad de Gids and C. Murray

L'Heure Bleu a dwell in the night a, sigh. a dervish dislodged a textile, sigh it is the night it is a night on earth the hedges prematurely in bloom with almost lightning, flowers so, white and optic so,opioid a scent as some people sit on a bench and conspicuous leaves on the forestrial floor. [...]

Sequences — (After Francis Bacon) by Michael McAloran

Sequences -- (After Francis Bacon)   2...meat unto collapse/ stead lapse/ the lung’s abort in headless barrage the head is/ traces the/ meat’s sarcophagus is the light surrounding/ the forms that bind the subject-object/being in this from onset’s claim/ the stripping down of/ in gradual of irreversible/ meat does not climb it cannot/ it/ blind [...]