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The Willow’s Whisper, a transatlantic compilation of poetry from Ireland and Native America.

The Willow’s Whisper:  A Transatlantic Compilation of Poetry  from Ireland and Native America Cambridge Scholars Publications 2011. Thank you to Julianne Ní Chonchobhair, who has facilitated this short post with information and articles on the poets. A note about the editors of  ‘The Willow’s Whisper’ Jill M.O’Mahony is a Lecturer in The Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland. She has previously studied English Literature and Sociology in  The National University of Ireland, Maynooth and The University of  Manchester. She is working on a doctoral research project which focuses  on performance, liminality and event in Native American Poetry. She  lectures in the Sociology of Consumption, Modern Ireland, Narrative  Identities and Communications. Her research interests include Political  Anthropology and Transcultural Literature. Dr. Mícheál Ó hAodha currently works at the University of Limerick  where he lectures in the Department of History, School of Languages,  Literature, Culture and Communication, UL, Ireland. He has published  widely on many aspects of Irish migration, diaspora, social geography and  oral history – including American“Outsider”: Stories from the Irish  Traveller Diaspora. (2007) (with T.J. Vernon); The Stranger …

‘ haec fecit’ by Iosaf MacDiarmada

Haec Fecit I find myself with schoolkids answering dosser’s queries be original I say and never query that dodgy dossier. The war brought Plagiarism without “inverted commas” A Limerick O back in the days of yore a scallywag feared what for with a baitin by night & an ungodly fright sure the RA kept the peace in Donore. A Ditty , By Ms Doyle: War is very bad and very very sad too much blood is very very mad it makes me cry Ow! Ow! Ow! I cry. too many words too many men writing words but it won’t make it go away. But the war it won’t end It won’t change the way it ought Thank God I had that abortion Somethings can be chosen no matter what you’re taught. ©Iosaf  MacDiarmada The image is entitled ‘Eagle Communication‘, by Artist Leonard Baskin ;  and is from his Raptors Folio.