Excerpts from ‘microliths’ by Paul Celan

from 'Microliths'   161 Re­membering also pre­membering, pre­thinking and storing of what could be Yeats: I certainly owe more to that poet than to Fr. surreal. Strange. In front of a candle Now I tried to render visible the grain of sand (Buber, Chass. — //Nibelungens[on]g) that had to have been sunk into me too at some [...]

‘Sonnet From A Derelict House’ and other poems by Daniel Marshall

metamorphosis   gulls bathe & fish in temporary rock pools near the recycling spot in ongpo village. i wonder if the dead mermaids of old jeju are reincarnate as gulls? whether they thank the wind for bringing morsels of food to them?   have they returned to the place they liked to forage abalone, where [...]

“The Willow’s Whisper”; a transatlantic compilation of poetry from Ireland and Native America.

The Willow’s Whisper:  A Transatlantic Compilation of Poetry  from Ireland and Native America Cambridge Scholars Publications 2011. Thank you to Julianne Ní Chonchobhair, who has facilitated this short post with information and articles on the poets. A note about the editors of  'The Willow's Whisper' Jill M.O’Mahony is a Lecturer in The Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland. [...]

‘ haec fecit’ by Iosaf MacDiarmada

Haec Fecit I find myself with schoolkids answering dosser's queries be original I say and never query that dodgy dossier. The war brought Plagiarism without "inverted commas" A Limerick O back in the days of yore a scallywag feared what for with a baitin by night & an ungodly fright sure the RA kept the [...]