“A Romance in Three Shards” and other poems by Darina Wade

Reticulum Time, the liar's almanackDanced on our prognosticationsThe solar year eclipsed by a cellFlares from a vernal coronaVisible to the naked I Seen from my camera obscuraMy infinite cellAn anchorite's hazelnutInexplicable and undifferentiatedLike water on the tongue I recast my reticle on smaller thingsHeliotrope, breath of a mouseAn orrery of bonesRecanting the psalmsSeasoned with new [...]

My song is more than silhouette: ‘The Lares Series’ at Indelible Literary Journal

My song is more than silhouette: ‘The Lares Series’ at Indelible Literary Journal

The below preamble and poems are excerpted from the Lares Series, composed between April 2020 and November 2020. The entire series can be read (and downloaded) Via Indelible Literary Journal. 'Lares' is dedicated in gratitude to Eavan Boland (1944-2020). The series derives from my current MSS in progress. My most grateful thanks to Roula-Maria Dib [...]

“Limerence” and other poems by Palmer Smith

limerence i loved a somnambulist we’re like a No(thing), a No(body) two no-bodies equal Somebody, right? (re)-read my words bottle of tequila, all the limes all the girls you have loved, shaken up in this cup i lovingly stirred you stumble on red oak floors ceiling, a map of london lon-don-ing you illicit, (i)llicit you, [...]

“Time” by Fidel Hogan Walsh and Julie Corcoran

2020, Memories Blinded in a winter’s dread no prophet foresaw. Spring’s new life erupted into a chaos of fear. Desolation replaced the warmth of a hug. Children banished from our everyday lives! Ahh, the blessings — a swift journey home to the unexpected happiness under one roof. Chatter, laughter — a family enduring dark days [...]

Poems from ‘My Name Is’ by Polina Cosgrave

Starship The blackest of holes, the hottest of suns, the craziest captain alive. Surrender to none, be gentle to some, stay tough as the skies collide. The milkiest way is over my head. They’re chasing me mile after mile. This starship is mine, try and catch me, I said. This marvellous starship is mine. Self-portrait [...]