“When the angel came to me” and other poems by Danielle Galligan

When the angel came to me ‘The Virgin…’ He smirked, then ‘Virginity is a complex concept, pet’ I said. ‘I’ve been sent by God; He has a job–’ ‘So I’ve heard, you’ve got the wrong girl.’ Then, he grabs my wrist, ‘I must insist.’ Kisses my knuckle, twisted fuck. I imagine it going through his [...]

“In Rivers” and other poems by Alison McCrossan

Sunray Here you cast your dazzling eye through clouds ruptured on surging waters, where in winds on a mission across skies born of voids words were loaded: let me out; crowns of heaving leaves spilled trees, turned them upside down, a splay of tangled guts, and spat out the despair of the years in a [...]

“Lost” and other poems by Olivia McGill

Anatomy of Love Your hands quiver along the dead roses of the embossed armchair, its towering sides, pillars to the underworld. You spend your days here, an old spectator of trawlers and rust, spilt oil and empty stomachs, pilothouse lights shine miniature homesteads on concrete. I was the first child to soften your world, your [...]