Three poems inspired by Ric Carfagna, Rus Khomutoff

Vintage ghosts of joy and sadness a saccharine statement the highest expression of the autopoetic force the incarnation and withdrawal of a God declaration of hither swarms accretion of the torrential becoming instances emancipated from all anxieties and frustrations in the anagogic phase made dizzy by the hybris a regular pulsating metre of recurrence   [...]

Four Poems by Rus Khomutoff

I wear you under my skin. Your hydra cadence sweet spot Sanity assassin of the nothing agency With words as instruments of rapture Mediation prompt   Constellation of intentions, a gradient of realness in contaminated tones Jilted designations and counterpoetics Stabs of conscience off the easel Absorbent minds…the dark enlightment’s lamentable tragedy Certainty is now [...]