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‘Effluence’ by Ruth Vanita

‘After the ups and downs of the day Manufactured alone in this small room, Aching in more than one way, I press Seven buttons, and am at last in heaven. Who is to be praised like Graham Bell For the greatest, kindest imagining, For knowing that no song can please so well, So heal , as one voice saying two syllables in a tone not reproducible ? Thanks to an era that may blow us both Up any minute, my heart is lifted, I see the stars again , bless a world That has you in it, and that makes you mine Along a line so tenuous, vibrant, fine.’ Effluence, by Ruth Vanita, from The Bloodaxe Book of Contemporary Indian Poets , ed Jeet Thayil, 2008. Reviewed at , Post III  Congratulations to Jeet who made the 2012 Man Booker list with Narcopolis