Ingeborg Bachmann’s Poetry in translation by Mary O’Donnell 1.

FREIGHT   Summer’s great cargo is loaded, the sun-freight lies ready in the dock, even if a gull cries and plunges behind you. Summer’s great cargo is loaded.   The sun-freight lies ready in the dock, the smiles of lemurs are unveiled on the lips of those on the galley. The sun-freight lies ready in […]

“Marriage Advice, 1951” and “Waiting” by Mary O’Donnell

Marriage Advice, 1951   Glossy women made her tremble, every word shiny and sure, we’re going to give Jenny a make-over, Jen, the decaying building, the clueless relic.   They made her sweat, even more, those women with Dior skirts and nipped-in waists, who warned the night before the wedding about being prepared.   But it was […]