‘Cry Oceans’ by Mary Cecil

Cry Oceans   Cry oceans and weep the seas Where waves flow over The endless motions of life The swimming perfection that flees   The Armageddon of destruction By all means possible The mechanisation of death The beginning of the end   For whales and tuna to consume The mercury to garnish The insatiable greed [...]

‘Poem’ by Mary Cecil

Sometimes I think, do I write as a woman? Are my thoughts so different? What concerns woman and not men Do they have a gravitas I do not?   Is the world I experience The search for truth To flay a heart and dissect a thought Should I be remote, detached as a diary?   [...]

A Celebration of Women’s Poetry for International Women’s Day 2015

Role reversal by Nessa O'Mahony   after Eavan Boland   There will come a time, mother, when the transformed spring opens up and the charioteer holds out a hand; he might have my father’s face, might not; his gestures might be gentle or rough as he eases you into a space made ready and shows [...]

Mary Cecil’s Rathlin Island poems

Adagio for Strings   My heart that soared and climbed To other realms of fantasy That longs to find the answers To everything   To dream those endless dreams To drift in waves of oceans Of oneness complete And really know   In pools of beautiful thought Transport my soul Where heaven will be And [...]