‘Sonnet From A Derelict House’ and other poems by Daniel Marshall

metamorphosis   gulls bathe & fish in temporary rock pools near the recycling spot in ongpo village. i wonder if the dead mermaids of old jeju are reincarnate as gulls? whether they thank the wind for bringing morsels of food to them?   have they returned to the place they liked to forage abalone, where [...]

An Excerpt from “Delicate” at MarsPoetica (HiRISE), Single Poems

Delicate A sea snail, most precious egg, as if it had touched the ruby feather of a bluebird. A most precious thing, bird-egg-shattered, dust in my pores.   This excerpt from "Delicate" is © Christine-Elizabeth Murray. When we widen the lens, the bigger picture can be divorced from the reality that we think we may have [...]

‘My Fuchsia’ by Ruth Fainlight.

My fuchsia is a middle-aged woman who's had fourteen children, and though she could do it again, she's rather tired.   All through the summer, new blooms. I'm amazed. But the purple and crimson have paled. Some leaves are yellowed or withering.   These buds look weaker and smaller, like menopause babies. Yet still she's [...]

From ‘Skywriting’ by Dennis O Driscoll

from Skywriting  by Dennis O Driscoll Reiterating whatever claim it makes, A sotto voce repetition, rain plays out a reverie-inducing music on the glass harmonica of the kitchen's window pane. But peeling open the back  door for a rain check, you hear the liquid swishing grow insistent as a whip; sibiliant drips insinuate their way between [...]

Anne Sexton, The Art of Poetry No. 15 (Paris Review)

I just saw this interview link which has been released today by The Paris Review to celebrate Ann Sexton's Birthday and I have added it to my Facebook page. I thought to add it through an excerpted paragraph and hyperlink onto the Poethead blog also. There is an existent link to Ann Sexton's Transformations also available [...]