A note from Olivia Guest at Jonathan Clowes Ltd.

Doris Lessing died a matter of days after I had received permission to carry some of the poems from her Fourteen Poems on this site indefinitely. I had put up the following note and message and see no reason to remove it. I am happy that I have carried her work for a few years.  I wrote a [...]

Orphans from Poetry Ireland’s Forum

Some years ago poets and emergent writers used a forum on Poetry Ireland for discussion, testing poetry, and commenting on the work of others. The idea was good, although the tech wasn't so hot. After some discussion with the then Admin it was decided to have a place (not online) where poems could be published [...]

Previews of The Blind published in Ditch Poetry

The following poem is an excerpt from a sequence published by Ditch Poetry. The sequence is from my forthcoming collection, The Blind (Oneiros Books 2013). Part of the Sequence is published here. The first poem in the sequence, hunger, appears throughout the collection and was first published in A New Ulster Magazine. suspend I   from [...]

Vinca Haiku by Virginie Colline

Vinca Haiku she grazes her scar old blood the color of rust on her maiden lace charcoal and red smudge nothing can make up the pain the dark trudge quickens tiny wallflower you cannot hold a candle you, periwinkle   The Spanish Girl Haiku she follows the clouds the breath of the summer wind gently [...]

“Marriage Advice, 1951” and “Waiting” by Mary O’Donnell

Marriage Advice, 1951   Glossy women made her tremble, every word shiny and sure, we’re going to give Jenny a make-over, Jen, the decaying building, the clueless relic.   They made her sweat, even more, those women with Dior skirts and nipped-in waists, who warned the night before the wedding about being prepared.   But it was [...]